President Message

I feel proud at launching NGO "Manav Shanti Welfare Society" because I am just a human being, whenever I face the affected humanity the soft corner of my heart asks what's purpose of life, only lead the life ownself ? then a question arise and answers "No" if u can do nothing for humanity then how you are human being ? so i think all of us are just like beasts or animals.

Only our behaviour and soft feeling make us differ to our creatures of the world. Manav Shanti is a compaign against obstacles/problems such as illiteracy, casteism, communalism, blind faith etc. which have captured the human beings.
We want to create a consciousness among the people against environment our planet is also a leaving creature. It is our duty that we must protect or safeguard of the nature because we are a bit part of the nature.
President :-
Mr. Mahender Singh

Secretary Message

I am cheerful at launching NGO "Manav Shanti Welfare Society". I will get a chance to do something for affected humanity because i am human being a superior creation of the God. I think there is no particular difference between human beings and beasts/animals. Only our behaviour and politeness make us superior creature to others. If i could do something for affected humanity and nature, it will be the great service of God. Secretary :-
Mr. Anuj Papreja